It is easy to get hurt. Kids tease and torture with the words they say and the things they do. BRAVE started because one girl got pushed and teased just a little too much. She decided she was done getting picked on. More importantly, she wanted to help others so they wouldn’t have to get hurt like she did.

She started BRAVE.

BRAVE stands for Building Relationships Against Violence Everywhere. It stands for kindness and hope and help. It asks kids to talk to parents and parents to talk to teachers and police to talk to kids and kids to talk to their friends. It is a criss-cross way of taking care of each other. It helps people of all ages realize they are one part of a bigger whole. They are a unit that works together.

Building Relationships Against Violence Everywhere is something we should all do, because everything we do and everything we say affects other people–good or bad.

We all have decisions to make. Every day, we choose to be nice or mean. We choose to offer a helping hand or to walk on by. We choose to start rumors or to stop them. Each day, one thousand times a day, we choose how we will act toward those around us.

A BRAVE Pledge

A pledge is a promise. If you would like to work on Building Relationships Against Violence Everywhere, make a pledge.

You can write it out, draw a picture, tell someone or leave a comment at the bottom of this page to let the world know you will try to be nicer and more helpful in the future.

Getting started is that simple.

What Comes Next?

Following through. Pledges don’t mean anything if you forget about them. Now that you decided to be BRAVE, you need to work on it. BRAVE has one rule: Never hurt anyone on the inside or the outside.

So, what does that mean? We’ll let you know as we learn the answers.

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