Once Bullied, Now BRAVE 

For over a year, I woke up every morning and dreaded going to school, because I knew the bully would be there. I went through each day, trying to stay under her radar so I wouldn’t get noticed and get picked on. I would come home crying from the events that happened during the day. But then I realized I was doing it all wrong. I decided I wanted to be BRAVE. From that day on, I woke up confident, and I looked forward to going to school, because I knew things were going to change.

I took a stand against the bully instead of trying to go unnoticed. I encouraged others to stand with me, and our actions started a spark that grew into a flame—a flame that currently burns brighter and stronger than any bully’s blaze. We are gathering an army to stand up for those who need help. Our troops extend throughout communities. Teachers, principals, police officers, parents, and friends are our allies. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are a unit that cares for each other, fights for each, and supports each other.

You do not have to go through this alone. Reach out to your community, take a stand for yourself and others who need it, Build Relationships Against Violence Everywhere.

I am BRAVE. Are you?

Alexandra Wacker, Founder of the BRAVE anti-bullying program

Read more about one school’s journey with bullying at Pipestone County Star.

The above excerpt is from Tales from the Bully Box. It’s also an example of how we can turn bad things into something good. To learn more about the BRAVE program and the things you can do to make a difference in your school, click on BRAVE for Kids.


BRAVE for Kids

Parental support is vital to helping kids deal with the bullying they may face at school, at sporting events and at home. Enter the BRAVE at Home portal for tips on becoming a strong advocate for your child.


BRAVE at Home

Consistency between home and school builds important relationships that can ease the path for open communication and creates concrete expectations for children in regards to their behaviors. BRAVE at School will help bridge this gap while encouraging children to take responsibility for their own behaviors.


BRAVE at School