See orange. Think unity.

Orange represents PACER’s campaign against bullying. In fact, PACER rocks the whole anti-bullying thing. In 2006, it created a week long awareness and encouraged active participation in bully prevention. This week turned into a month. Thanks to PACER the following things are a reality:

Elephant’s Bookshelf Press proudly supports Orange through its collection of middle grade stories in Tales from the Bully Box. This anthology was inspired by BRAVE founder, Alexandra Wacker, and kicks off EBP’s Colors for Causes collection. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to anti-bullying projects and/or organizations that strive to make a difference in the lives of young people.

The authors represented by EBP have donated their time and talents to create an inspiring anthology of short stories for middle grade readers. Each story can be enjoyed as nothing more than a small tale of childhood triumph and tribulation. Yet, the goal behind the anthology is to reach a wider audience that spans all ages and societal roles.

We, the publisher, editors and authors, hope to unite friends, families and communities by encouraging adults to share our fictional stories as well as their own experiences with the youth in their lives. We offer Tales as a way to open communication between parents, teachers, principals, siblings, community professionals and kids in need of understanding, support and hope. These stories should be a springboard for in-depth conversations and strategic planning. They should inspire lively discussions and prompt emotional honesty. They should make you laugh, cry or a little of both.

Ultimately, they should unite everyone in the campaign against bullying.

See orange. Think unity, acceptance and hope.

We do.


  • To encourage classroom discussion on bullying, Elephant’s Bookshelf Press is offering teachers’ copies at a discounted price.
  • For more information about the Colors for Causes anthologies or to order directly from the publisher, use the form below.