Dear Bully Box:

How do I deal with a thirteen year old bully?

PS. I am in the fourth grade.

Dear BRAVE One:

Being bullied by a student much older than you is serious. You need to tell an adult right away about the things that are happening to you. Parents, teachers, the school nurse or the principal are all good people to talk to. Even the librarian or bus driver can help you figure out what to do next.

When you talk to an adult, make sure you tell them exactly what is happening, where it happens and who is involved. Tell them everything. Even if you said something you shouldn’t have, they will need to know the whole story.

But the most important thing to do is keep yourself safe. If the bullying is physical, stay away from the bully if at all possible. Make sure you are not alone in a place where you are often bullied.

If the bullying is verbal (name calling, hurtful words, rumors or jokes aimed at you), walk away with your head up. Bullies get their power when they know they hurt you. If you don’t show you’re hurt, they might get bored and leave you alone.

I hope this helps.

The Bully Box Brigade


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